Single Hex #1

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Stitched Area:
32" W x 47" H
Apex Leather or Dinamica Microsuede
Foam Backing:
1/4" or 1/2" Pink Sew Foam
Serafil Tex 135 / Size 20 available in 240 colors
Pattern Direction:

*Material is not included in the CNC price. Half of a hide or 1 linear yard of microsuede is needed per panel. Please call to place your order!

We are pleased to offer premium stitched CNC panels in large variety of patterns and available on ALL Apex leathers and microsuede!

Each panel requires (1) half hide of leather OR (1) linear yard of microsuede. Excess leather from the half hide will ship with your panel(s)

Half hides will be sold from current stock so sizes will vary. Refunds / Returns are not accepted as leather will be trimmed for panels 1-2 business days after order.

Panel Size: 36” width x 54” length
Stitched Area: 32” width x 47” length:

CNC panel turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for in stock material. Shipping costs will include shipping to our CNC partner and then on to you once completed. Rush services are not available for CNC stitching at this time. Call us at 1-800-402-7195 for assistance or to place an order.