Thread Match Chart

These are our recommendations for the closest Serafil Tex 90 "match" for each leather however we cannot guarantee an exact match!  For multitoned leathers such as Renegade, a darker, compatible thread color has been selected. We also offer Serafil sample cards for those who wish to see the threads before purchasing.


Renegade Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Gold Rush ST90-262
Cinder ST90-399
Saddle ST90-1224
Coyote ST90-1382
Saloon ST90-1050
Broken Bone ST90-7769
Mesquite ST90-173
Blackhawk ST90-4000
Riptide ST90-2810
Prison Break ST90-1283
Retro Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Midnight ST90-4000
BlackJack ST90-4000
Red ST90-105
Bright White ST90-1000
Hot Pepper ST90-128
Burgundy ST90-168
Galaxy Grey ST90-318
Purple Haze ST90-578
Surf ST90-1394
Tiger's Eye ST90-277
Drifter ST90-3723
Asphalt ST90-324
Burnt Orange ST90-172
Dark Pine ST90-425
Pearl ST90-1000
Titanium  ST90-415
Cool Breeze ST90-42
White Sand ST90-3000
Bamboo ST90-261
Outlaw ST90-428
Vortex ST90-415
Black N Blue ST90-70029
Mushroom ST90-326
Grand Prix  ST90-2810
Fusion Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Wind Storm ST90-7863
Winter Haze ST90-1000
Thin Ice ST90-411
Dragonfly ST90-359
Peyote ST90-8844
Commando ST90-554
Sunset Strip ST90-163
Tequila ST90-1130
Wild Honey ST90-290
Mercury ST90-415
Black Pearl ST90-4000
Plum Crazy ST90-8606
Alpine ST90-2000
Turbo ST90-105
Sweet Cream ST90-3000
Tamale ST90-265
Moonstone ST90-861
Hemp ST90-1222
Roadrunner ST90-397
Desert Khaki ST90-267
Horizon ST90-7903
Bobcat ST90-261
Twisted Root ST90-971
Raw Sienna ST90-3542
Copperhead ST90-262
Whiskey ST90-173
Red Canyon ST90-264
Route Beer ST90-186
Sequoia ST90-8929
Bear Claw ST90-1003
Carbon ST90-1283
Heavy Metal ST90-324
Arrowhead ST90-414
Phantom ST90-850
Switchblade ST90-411
Motor City ST90-318
Dark Denim ST90-827
Blue Ink ST90-2810
Poison Ivy ST90-846
Emerald ST90-846
Hot Lava ST90-449
Fireball ST90-104
Phoenix ST90-1348
Brickyard ST90-128
Cabernet ST90-166
Cosmic Blue ST90-1318
Solar Flare ST90-7766
Classico Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Onyx ST90-4000
Derby ST90-287
Indian Spice  ST90-196
Oak ST90-175
Dark Cherry ST90-788
Merlot ST90-166
Pewter ST90-416
Navy ST90-8063
Mist ST90-326
Black Coffee ST90-8893
Legends Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Inferno ST90-105
Halo ST90-1000
Eclipse ST90-4000
Smoke Screen ST90-316
King Royal ST90-827
Brandy ST90-277
French Nude  ST90-3000
Stonehenge ST90-1222
Camelot ST90-899
Malibu ST90-760
Cobalt Kid ST90-825
Wild Horses ST90-975
Grizzly ST90-1003
Quicksand ST90-265
Silk Road ST90-7863
Hammerhead ST90-415
Avalanche ST90-2000
Italian Gold ST90-1118
Blue Vapor ST90-42
Grand Canal ST90-475
Scout ST90-287
Metal Head Line Serafil Tex 90 Thread
Viper  ST90-1348
Galaxy ST90-821
Burnt Copper ST90-1224
Dusk ST90-8059
Stingray ST90-324
Silver Streak ST90-340